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OG and FG

A few weeks ago i brewed the Irish red ale (extract). I didn’t have my hydrometer yet so i could not take a reading after the wort boil. I let it ferment for 2 weeks in the primary fermenter and then i racked it to the secondary fermenter last saturday (9/7/13) The gravity reading at that time was at 1.08 at 62F I just took another reading just to see how much it progressed in 6 days and it’s still at 1.08 at 62F. Should i be worried? The OG on the recipe sheet says 1.044. Also the FG should be lower than the OG right?


Hi erockingout,

Yes, the FG should be lower than the OG. If your FG has been consistent over mulitple readings over several days/week, you should be safe to bottle now. Time to bottle condition :smiley:

Are you sure it was not reading 1.008?

If it was 1.08 I would not be worried…just confused. Hydrometer would not be working in that case.

Two readings at 1.008 it is done.

1.08 is quite a high gravity for OG. Would give you 7-8% ABV aprox.

I didn’t catch that one Brew, but that would be one hell of an Irish Ale lol.

Would certainly have a little kick to it.

To the OP: Easy question here - looking at your hydrometer…you would see the 1.000 mark near the top. Moving down (or up in gravity) it would read 10 / 20 / 30 / etc etc.

If your reading was just above (below) the 10 then you are at 1.008.

If you are looking at 80 and are three quarter of the way down the scale your liver would be in for one holy asswhoopin’.



Ok, after reading your guys responses. I think i was reading my hydrometer wrong. It’s 1.008 not 1.08. Which is awesome, cause i can bottle soon. Thanks for your help guys

Welcome to the forum and enjoy your beer.

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