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OG/ABV vs. flavor advice

Greetings and libations.
I’m experimenting with doctoring an existing recipe to achieve a desired result. Any input would be most welcome.
I’m starting with what is basically a Strong Ale (Scotch or English), aromatic hopping, not much for flavor. I want the malt flavor to dominate. My goal is to raise the OG to around 1080, seeking a final
ABV of around 7%+. My plan is to add extra poundage of Munich malt.

My basic question(s) is(are): will the increased alcohol adversely affect my yeast, and will the wrong yeast then make my quest for greater ABV% futile? Which yeast should I use? Will the increased malt add thick, chewy malty flavor (hopefully)? Or will it be too sweet/winey? This may be a very subjective judgement for which to ask. Any input is appreciated.
Thank you,

I don’t know of any brewing yeasts that can’t handle 7%ABV. I would use wyeast 1728, it is a clean yeast that will let the malt shine through and it can take up to 12%. If you are doing all grain make sure you mash at a higher temp to convert more unfermentable sugars, otherwise the beer could end up dry.

Make sure you you pitch enough yeast and oxygenate well enough and you’ll have no problems

Thanks, I researched on the Yeast thread how to go about culturing/starting enough to pitch. Higher OG means more yeasties, and I feel I am ready to step up to the next level with my brewing. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll keep ya posted.

The extra munich should do you just fine it sounds like.

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