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OG 1.110 pitching US05+3787?

im planning to make an extract tripel, adding another 6 lbs gold LME and cascade hops to balance. the kit came with wyeast trappist HG 3787, but i am considering washing and collecting the slurry from 2 present brews, both us o5. its all saccharomyces cerevisiae right? could i pitch some us 05 slurry and a starter of trappist (3787) or even a 2 stage starter of the 3787? i have a stir plate…just trying to figure out a way to make this more of a belgian strong ale/barleywine without going out and buying another pack of 3787. only have a 2L erlenmeyer for starters. estimated OG will be about 1.110-1.118. thanks for the advice.

How much white sugar is in this recipe? 20%?
2 liters of stirplate 3787 might be enough yeast if you add the sugar into primary after it takes off for a few days.
You prepared to age this for a year so it’ll be drinkable?

Yes, please list a recipe. Starting with that big of a OG with all extract I would be concerned with ending with a very high FG also. A good balance of either table sugar or honey that is completely fermentable would be desirable in a big beer like this.

Chris Colby mentioned that he like to add a pound of sugar to a normal 1.050 APA/IPA to help dry them out.

The slurry of 05 will outperform a ~1.5 L starter of 3787 (assuming you will have some head space in your flask), making it more neutral and less Belgian. You’d be better off making a ~1.040-1.050 belgian blonde, then repitching the entire cake into a 1.110 monster tripel.

My strategy in your situation would be to make the 2L starter of the Trappist and roll with that for the first 3-4 days of primary…if it doesn’t poop out on you, the excess stress shouldn’t affect your final product much at all…especially if you give it a rest at 50F for a week or so after primary is done. The yeast may produce more phenols and fusel alcohols than if it were pitched at the optimal rates; however, your final product will have so much alcohol in it that the alcohol character heat and aroma/character will most likely dominate…especially in a trippel with a lot of thinning sugar.

If you get a few days in and it poops out…pitch the US05 in and let it finish up the job. Your beer will not have as much “Belgian” character but it’ll still be very good.

Just an idea. I’d probably go this route.

thanks for the responses, but change of plans. im going to make a belgian pale ale out of some of the ingredients in my kit tonight. 6 lbs gold LME, 1 lb belgian candy sugar, .5 lb carapils steep, 1 oz perle 60 min AA 7.8, 1 oz saaz AA 3.0, Wyeast 3787 no starter.

estimated OG of 1.050. i plan to harvest this yeast and use it in an actual tripel as per the recipe…or close. OG of ~ 1.076. might add another 1/2 lb carapils, or something…thanks again.

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