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Officially Pumped!

I know that this is old hat to many of you seasoned brewers, but after what I considered disappointing results for my first two homebrew competitions, I recently entered 4 beers into a pretty large regional competition and two of the beers won first place! For as much time and effort as I put into this hobby (obsession), that sure feels good.

[color=#0000FF]Maryland Microbrewery Festival Homebrew Competition:

Welcome to the home of the Maryland Microbrewery Festival Homebrew Competition. This BJCP-sanctioned homebrew competition is conducted each year by the Midnight Homebrewers’ League as part of the Maryland Microbrewery Festival, on the beautiful grounds of Union Mills Homestead in Westminster, Maryland. The winning brewer’s recipe is scaled up for commercial production by Dog Brewing Company for draft sales at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in Maryland. Huge thanks go to our primary sponsors, the Union Mills Homestead, Dog Brewing Company, and Buffalo Wild Wings!

The 2013 competition was judged on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at the Union Mills Homestead.

Here are the 2013 prize category and Best Of Show winners:

Amber and Dark Lagers
[color=#0000FF][b]1. Alan Hamm - Schwarzbier
2. Ben Emrick - Munich Dunkel

German Wheat & Rye Beer

  1. Alan Hamm - Weizen
  2. Bobby Jarvis & Nate Anderson - German Rye Beer

Nice job and congrats.

Congrats, a couple of challenging styles too.

Nice… I entered a few beers into a competition this summer, as well… I got one 30, which had me very pleased. One scored quite badly, but the feedback was definitely worth hearing.

Congrats…maybe I should start listening when you give advice… :smiley:

I wouldn’t go that far. I am just like everyone else, trying way to hard to make decent beer. It is nice to get some “success” after two other competitions that were eye opening. I later came to realize that my early scores were not really all that bad. But winning is better.

A big congrats! That’s awesome man! I had a similar feeling about three weeks ago when i entered my first comp on a whim. It was a small local comp. & i figured i’d get some constructive criticism from the judges. I entered 2 beers & ended up winning 1st & 2nd in class, as well as best of show. I was so pumped up also! I became less jubilant a couple days later when i found out there were only 20 entries! Nonetheless, i’ll take best of 20 anyday! Anyway, i’d like to thank you & the rest of the posters for helping guys like me make better beer. I’ve got a ton to learn yet, but have come a long way. Been reading the forum religiously for about 2 years, and learned most of my techniques from all of you. Congrats again & thanks to all! :cheers:


Awesome Thirsty, it is such a good feeling after putting effort into this.

Nice going, man!

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