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Offering some brewing gear for sale

I thought I would offer these items here first to my fellow home brewers (before posting on E bay).

The first item I am offering is an unused 10 gallon NB Megapot. (w/ lid) I purchased this a few years ago and unfortunately have never had the opportunity to use it. It’s never even been on a flame.

Here is the link: … ckpot.html

Brand new they are $132.99. I am offering this one for $110.00 (shipping is not included in the price)

The second item is a Hurricane Burner. I purchased this unit from NB several years back. This burner has been used to make one batch of beer. Having said that, the paint is burned off from where the flame and heat touched. Mainly the pot rests. The burner is similar to the Banjo Burners that NB carries now. The frame and pot rests are of a different design as shown below. The burner will include the hose and regulator for attachment to a 20lb propane tank. Below is a pic of the unit.

Some info on the stove: The Hurricane Stove features a full 60,000 BTU output, which means it will bring 5 gallons of wort to a boil in under 20 minutes. It has a massive 10” low pressure burner, for even heat distribution and quiet operation (no jet like noise like high pressure burners). Unlike high pressure stoves, this one will allow both fine simmer flame control, and produce a full 60,000 BTU’s for quick boiling.

The large burner means this stove can produce 60,000 BTU’s at only 2 psi of gas pressure. 11½” tall, 15½” top ring diameter, and includes a 5’ barbecue propane tank hose (fits standard 20 pound barbecue tanks) and regulator.

These run approx $109.00 brand new. I offering this one for $55.00 (shipping not included in the price)

Shipping will run approx $25.00 (I will have to check with UPS for the exact amount). A cheaper rate is available (longer shipping time)

If interested, send me a PM and we can make arrangements.

Can you separate the two, or do they both have to be purchased? I may be interested in the burner.

They are being offered separately.

The Megapot is $110.00

The Hurricane Burner is $55.00

No one else interested? If not, I’ll be posting these items on Ebay in the morning.

If anyone is still interested contact me on here. FYI the items are listed on Ebay as of a few minutes ago.

The regulator pic you show is for an old style of tank that you can’t use anymore. Not sure if there are adaptors for these or if you’d have to get a new regulator.

I just looked at the new swap out tank that I got from the gas station. It has threads on the inside of the tank nozzle. My old tank is the same way. It just threads on the inside instead of the outside. If some newer tanks don’t have those threads on the inside you would need an adapter. They should be easy to find. Any store that sells grills should have them. Check out stores with camping gear departments. I know Gander Mountain has a good selection of propane accessories.

I just got off the phone with Hurricane Products ( 1-800-624-4711).

That regulator fitting will fit in all tanks whether the are the new or the old style. Check your tank at home. There should be threads on the inside of the tank nozzle.

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