Off topic question

Did NB change the design of their website? I have it bookmarked, but for some reason it’s different. So I erased my browser history and went to the bookmark again, and it’s the old site. I guess what I’m on to is I hope I didn’t get mixed up with a phishing site. I tried to place an order but the I never got a confirmation on the place order, it wouldn’t confirm it.

I do know tat recently they changed something because they sent me a test link and had me take a survey. Did they send you a confirmation email?

No, no email also no charge. It’s weird, the new site I was using had the different options at the red bar. I was trying to purchase some new kegging equipment, but the order never processed. Also the shipping price was different than on the old site which I am now back on. I use Chrome, so I don’t know if that’s the problem or what.