Off the Topper Extract Questions

Brewed the Plinian kit and now I’m halfway through the Off the Topper kit. Plinian is excellent and turned out very clear.

Questions (Off the Topper):

  1. This kit has a dry hop addition in primary after fermentation is complete, transfer to secondary, condition for 2 weeks and then dry hop again. Would it be detrimental to keep in primary the entire time and do both additions toward the back end of conditioning?
  2. What recommendations or techniques are there to reduce oxygen being introduced when transferring from primary to secondary?
  3. How prevalent is oxidation when transferring into a corny keg? I’ve never bottled the 8 batches I’ve made. Is this something to be aware of?

Thanks in advance.

#1, I dont secondary and I know you’ll be fine…. I think that the peeps that do secondary are looking for a clearer brew.
#2, refer to number 1.
#3, BEFORE you rack to yer keg, leave the lid off and shoot it with yer CO2 for 15 seconds. That should purge the air, and do rack quietly, hose all the way to the bottom … Sneezles61

WTF happened there? Sneezles61

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Purge a keg by filling it all the way to the top with starsan (as in until starsan flows out the pressure release, the liquid-out port, and the gas-in port), then force the starsan out with CO2.

Use a fermeter with a spigot at the bottom. Attach a hose to the spigot with a liquid disconnect on the other end, attach the liquid disconnect to the keg, pull the pressure release, then open the spigot. As the keg fills, release the pressure frequently.

I THINK this method will eliminate oxygenation during transfer to the keg.

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