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Off the Topper Extract Question

Any idea what the final gravity on this beer should be? Fermentation was pretty quick and seemed to be almost done within a couple days. Current gravity is 1.020. Seems like it should be slightly lower (1.010?) Any thoughts on this? I tried raising the temps a bit, but I’m not sure it did anything. I am at the point where I should add the first dry hop. Thanks in advance for any advice.

What yeast did you use and how long has it been fermenting?

I usually don’t take a gravity reading for at least 10 days, usually more like 2 weeks. Take a second reading 2-3 days later and if it’s the same your beer is probably at FG.

I used the Vermont Ale Yeast. It’s been 10 days. I guess I’ll just be patient and test it again in a couple days and add the first dry hops at that time.

I doubt you will reach 1.010 that would be 85% apparent attenuation. If your lucky you will get a few more points.

Vermont ale yeast (aka Conan) is not a big attenuator. Part of the reason Heady Topper tastes so unique is the yeast not drying the beer out completely, and the water treatment. The heavy sulfates in the water make the beer taste way drier than it is.

Check your beer 3x in the next 6 days, if its still at 1.020, its done. This would make sense as extract beers are typically slightly less fermentable than AG.

This ended up at 1.016. I think that’s pretty good. Tasted great when I was bottling it. Hopefully ready in a couple weeks! Looking forward to it, hopefully in time for our Christmas Party.

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