Off The Topper 1 gallon

I made this Off The Topper 1 gallon kit 2 weeks ago. At the time I did not have a hydrometer. I have a refractometer now which reads 1.040 at 68-70 degrees. Stuck fermentation?

Nope, you’re right on the money. Refractometers don’t measure accurately in the presence of alcohol. Look online for a refractometer calculator. Plug in your OG and current brix. Your actual gravity is probably around 1.014-1.017, which is right in the ballpark for this beer.

Oh no, well I don’t have an original gravity! Oh well, guess I’ll bottle and do a better more thorough job next time. Eventually I’ll have the gear I need!

Check the recipe- NB gives you the OG in the documentation. It should be online too if you threw it out.

According to NB, that kit has an OG of 1.070. Your corrected SG is about 1.020. A little high, but that’s not uncommon for extract batches.

Give it another week. If you get the same value, you’re ok to bottle. But I’d give it a little more time as that’s a touch on the high side.

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You guys are awesome, thx for the quick replies!

No worries, bud! We’ve all asked those questions. Gotta pay it forward!

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