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Off color

How did I end up with this color with this grain bill? 2.5 gal batch: 4 lbs Pilsner, .5 Vienna, .25 Carapils expected straw yellow.

It looks like the suspended solids make it appear darker. If it completely dropped clear, it would appear more straw-like.

It could be the photo, but it doesn’t look too far off to me. @voltron is probably right but it could be as simple as a minor variance in ingredients, boil length or vigor. If you’ve brewed this before, how different is this color compared to before?

It does look a little like chill haze. Is it lighter warm?

First time with this specific recipe. A Kölsch with Polish hops, which shouldn’t matter. I just chilled it earlier in the day. Maybe a couple weeks cold storage will help. Just expected it lighter even before aging

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How long & vigorous did you boil?

60 mins, easy rolling boil

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Yeah, chill haze… Does it taste good ?
My take on the chill haze… Mash pH… Sneezles61

Maillard reaction and Oxidation will also contribute to darkening of the beer.

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