Of intrest

Here is a thought provoking article from Reuters. www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/19/us-c … ce=twitter
Apparently there is a bubble right now if you want to sell. I begrudge nobody trying to make a living. I’ll just keep drinking my home brew and supply my friends no problem.

They brew some good beers. They’re better on tap in the city than in the bottle in my opinion. Bigger is not always better. I wonder if they struck a deal to be Starbucks’ local microbrew in the city? That would certainly increase the demand.

I wonder how soon, if not already, they will/have gotten their fingers into the homebrew supply end? I guess people have the allure to money and always will. Sneezles61

I don’t know if it would actually be a good investment to pay so much more than a company is worth. Craft brew drinkers are a fickled lot and by definition we like to try different beers all the time. It’s not like the I only drink bud crowd. I don’t think one brewery is going to gain enough market share to be really that profitable. If I wanted to invest in the beer industry I would just buy in Bev stock. They are buying up small breweries all the time they will not lose that much market in the long run its just spread over more brands. By the way Brooklyn lager is a very good beer for those of you who like pre pro lagers.

There is so much private equity (and debt/bank) capital chasing deals right now, I certainly would not begrudge an entrepreneur from either utilizing it to A.) expand or B.) completely cash out and do something else. Whether I still purchase the new company’s products: well, that depends on whether they are more or less the same products.

Successful businesses are completely overvalued right now, so it is a great time to sell or obtain debt/equity financing.

Brewers/entrepreneurs/owners of breweries have put a lot/everything on the line for their business, and if their ultimate goal is to grow, there are plenty of investors out there looking to deploy their capital. I hope for the brewers’ sake, they choose the right ones. And I hope for our sake that they continue to employ good brewers.

This is good news for the industry, and for consumers of the products of it.