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Odd question about perlick of my

4 taps does not close in the vertical position, but rather leans back to close. Other than not having my tap handles all lined up nicely, and me being a bit OCD, there is no other issue.

Is this a defective tap or do I need to “adjust” something?

cheers. ... ngler.html

thanks for link, but then it’d be taller… :wink:

I think they all lean back a little.

then I have 3 of 4 defective cuz they don’t lean? :shock: ... steel.html

They look like they lean to me.


They look like they lean to me.[/quote]

yep…1 of 4 does that.


Weird. Did you check inside to see if anything is holding them back?

Where did you get them? I would exchange the 3.

I got them from beverage factory. I’m not really interested in sending them back as it’s not that big of a deal (I’m only borderline OCD :smiley: ).

I was hoping it was a “user” problem on this end, and that someone else might be familiar with it, and then they could point me in the right direction for a diy fix.

Once I kick the kegs, I’ll take them apart and see if I find an issue.


I just thought of another option. Do the handles change angles if you turn them? Maybe the shaft is bent.

Nope, handles don’t change angles.

:cheers: ... ngler.html

Dude, This is the universal cure for public bars draft systems. It raises the height O so little that the diff is nil. If the OCD is that bad go with small black or chrome handles and be done with it.

This is your only cure to the lean and you will have a few handles “stand” up a whole half inch taller but they will line up now. which is what you were looking to have answered. It is the angle of the bonnet on the actual handle/s that causes this “problem” The taps themselves are not defective, this is a known problem and cure.

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