Odd Color to Houblonmonstre Tripel IPA

I recently bottled a batch of Houblonmonstre Tripel IPA and the color seems to be a lot darker (copper) than I expected. I thought the color was on track when I transferred it to the secondary fermentor, but it seems much darker now. It seemed to smell good and the fermentation went well from the beginning I thought. I am a beginning brewer and this is only the second batch that I have done. Is this batch ruined, and what could have I done wrong?

Assuming it’s an extract batch, there’s really nothing you could do “wrong” - the color in the fermenter is going to be different than the color of the finished beer in the glass since you’re looking through a much longer liquid path in the carboy.

A golden beer will look coppery in the fermenter, as shadetree says things look different in the fermenter than they do in the glass. Its also common for extract beers to be a little darker than their all grain counterparts.

This is an extract kit. Thanks for the info. I’m looking forward to giving it a go in a couple weeks.