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Octoberfest yeast choices

I want to brew an Octoberfest but I do not have the ability to lager. Is it possible to use an ale yeast and what ale yeast would anyone recommend. I prefer to use wyeast.

I just did a pilsner that I fermented part of with Wyeast 1764 at 72 (67 room temp). It came out pretty good.

I think you’ll like the altbier yeast 1007, or the Kolsch yeast 2565. Either one will perform well fermented in the low 60s Fahrenheit if you can swing that (try a wet t-shirt with a fan blowing on it to reduce fermenter temperature by about 5 degrees).

If I were doing It i would just use us05 and cold crash before kegging, that will make a good beer just not a lager.

The 2112 California Lager should work pretty well. I made an “Oktoberfest” with it as one of my first brews and it turned out pretty well, albeit a little on the sweet side (which I now attribute to the fact that it was an extract recipe which attenuated poorly). This yeast is supposed to retain lager characteristics at the cooler ale temps, which it does seem to do.

I’m with Dave on the WY1007. 2565 will be too fruity. 2112 isn’t clean enough. 05 would be OK.

Agreed with Denny and Dave. Go with Wy1007 is you use an ale yeast. Otherwise, Saflager 34/70 at ale temps works wonderfully.

I didn’t think of that. Never tried it “warm” in the 60s. Might have to give that a trial sometime.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions I’ll try the wy1007

How did your brew turn out with that yeast?

just about to keg it this weekend will find out.

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