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Octoberfest water

Hey all. I have an Octoberfest extract kit and am planning on using distilled water. I have tried basic bottled water for other kits and the results were so so. I won’t use our tap water. Does distilled sound like a good plan?

Distilled is fine for extract. The mineral profile is set in with the extract when it is mashed/produced.

Distilled is the best way to go for extract brews.

The other main key to good Oktoberfest beer is a quality lager yeast, and temperatures as cool as you can get them. W-34/70 yeast is pretty good. So is WLP830, WLP833, WLP820, Wyeast 2308, Wyeast 2206… The only really mediocre lager choice is WLP820. For temperature, about 50 F is best, and 55-60 F is better than 70 F. If you must ferment warm, stick with W-34/70 which performs okay warm, or consider an altbier yeast like Wyeast 1007 or K-97.

My extract brews with distilled turned out better than tap water brews.

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Well didn’t want to start a new thread, thought this would be a good one to continue… But not necessarily for the water… I will be brewing up a Mock-tober fest in a couple of weeks. Brew buddy and I will each split a big grist bill, then brew 10 gallons at our own places… We are going to use ale yeast, and 4 different types… I thought it would be interesting to see where the crowds palates leads them too… Last year was 50/50 pale and dark Munich. This year its 1/3 each of, pale, Vienna and dark Munich… I will have the ability to tweak my water and my friend won’t… Input, anyone? Sneezles61

No input on your water but definitely Vienna malt. You sure you want my opinion? Drop the pale ,Vienna and Munich touch of wheat for head retention is what I do.

Would I go 50/50 then? Yes, we put in a pound of wheat for every 5 gallons finished brew… Our grist would be 45 lbs… not counting wheat… Sneezles61

You could . I do 50/40 Vienna/Munich

The other 10% is… wheat? Sneezles61

A little wheat and caramunich. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the 1/3 pale you propose just saying what I do. But you should use some Vienna for an Oktoberfest beer.

I wonder why it has too cost much more than say, dark Munich? Even more then M.O. ? Sneezles61

Doesn’t cost more where I buy. No reason really

Well, thats what I thought too… I am wrong… over here any ways… Sneezles61

Just an update. Taste testedy ofest that has been lagering and rate it A+ same recipe from last year and well it tastes like autumn. I have 2 kegs of it. I better take off the tap. Last year I only had 1 1/2 because of samples. This year nobody gets a taste until 9/16 . Got to brew up a session and send out invites


I have a sack of Vienna showing up next week… So I will brew then the that W/E… I’m sticking to ale yeast… Well, … maybe… Oh crap, now I’m waffling… Sneezles61

Today I will sample/test the cask conditioning Mock Fest brews… One keg has been holding pressure, the other isn’t… I may have to just put it in the freez-menter set it and forget it… Aw nuts… Sneezles61

Now, We have a O-fest set up for Sept. 23… How about you guys? I’d like to hear and maybe see some pictures? I will do what I can to post some too! Sneezles61

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