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Octoberfest season

Next weekend is the start of the octoberfest. Anyone else having a party and if so what’s on tap. I brewed up a session ale that I hopped like a Czech Pilsner 4.5 ABV and my Brew Cat IPA at 6.5 ABV. Also what food will be served ?

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

I help to host a Friday TGIF at my work, an I’m lagering a traditional Oktoberfest and a Helles to pair with some sausages, pretzels and homemade sauerkraut. Ja wohl!

I’m having a Texas-style fest this evening. Got the smoker going with a brisket, pork butt, and baby backs. Got a mild and a pale on tap for the guests. I just hope the rain holds off and we get a breeze to keep the bugs away…

I love this time of year! I’ll be tapping my oktoberfest next week sometime. There’s a brewfest here on Saturday the 27th, then oktoberfest in the German community town of Amana, Iowa the next weekend. Good times and good beer! A lot of it…the beer will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Tis the time of year to eat many brats with kraut and drink much German beer.
I don’t host parties though. I’m not into having lots of people in my house…just get nervous about stuff. It’d certainly be fun to have 4 or 5 people over though. Not sure that’ll happen though, sadly.


By far my most favorite time of the year (so much so, my two kids were born in early summer……)
I’m currently conditioning 5 tap beers for our annual Oktoberfest Celebration in 4 weeks. In addition to the beers below, we’re having homemade sausage, roast pork, and other Bayerische foods.

Tap 1- Munich Dunkles
Tap 2- Oktoberfestbier
Tap 3- Hefeweizen
Tap 4- Kolsch
Tap 5- Dark Czech Lager


Pkrone, if you can cross the border over into Fort Worth, you’re more than welcome!!

I have a beer garden in my yard and a bar on my deck. I rent a Porto Jon because I have a septic tank. The buy in is I have the beer everyone who comes brings food. There are plenty of sausages, cabbage and potatoe dishes but also Italian , Brazilian and Polish cuisine. I’m not a purist. The house is open but we stay mostly outside. If it rains we set up tents. At night I fire up the burning barrel. The kids play whiffle ball and run wild. The only rule don’t get hurt and try not to break anything. Last hurrah as summer ends. So happy octoberfest season.

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