October Beer Pass- Complete- Results Page 2- Thanks 4 playin

Drawing will be on Friday, October 12th. Just let me know if you are IN!
I will be sure to keep up with this thread so everything goes smoothly.
Thanks for participating everyone!

The Rules. Courtesy of Holden’s Homebrew

  1. Preferably send Homebrew, but if your stocks are low you can send a favorite microbrew. If you are sending a commercial style, check in with the person you are sending it to just to make sure they don’t already have a bunch of that in the fridge already.
  2. Drawings will be held on October 12th and the deadline to Ship your beers is 2 weeks after the drawing. That allows some people who get paid every other week to wait for the following paycheck if it falls on an odd week for them. If you are going to be late for some reason, you must inform the person you are sending to.
  3. Every Month is different. Just sign up during the month you want to participate. And don’t sign up for the months you don’t.
  4. You are responsible for PMing the person you are paired up with for the month. Exchange addresses work out details ect.
  5. Minimum of 2 bottles to be sent, can be 2 of the same, or a mix and match. Feel free to send more if you wish. (the average has been 3-4 bottles but 2 is still the minimum requirement)
  6. If you don’t receive someones beer from them, within 2 weeks of the deadline without getting a PM that they are going to be late, post it or PM the person running the pass and they are out of the name exchange for good, unless they ship their beer. If you miss the deadline without PM’ing prior to being late you must ship 4 beers. If you PM a person explaining you are going to be late the 2 beer minimum still sticks.
  7. You must be 21 years of age to participate. And live in the lower 48 states.
  8. To sign up you must be and active member of the Forum. Active members are members that have been posting and registered before I post the new pass thread. This keeps people from registering for beer only.
  9. Do not ship USPS, please ship DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

Remember you are signing up at your own risk. This pass is in no way sponsored by or run by Northern Brewer. Any problems or lost shipments are not the responsibility of Northern Brewer

Late shipments without PM’s being made to set up shipment within a reasonable amount of time, lack of PM’s when late, and non-shipments are becoming more and more of a problem. From this point on, if your name is put on the ban list you are on it for good. Period. No exceptions! The past rule was if you are put on the ban list you get a second chance as long as you end up sending shipment or provide me with a tracking number. This is no longer the case (except if you send me a valid tracking number). Once you hit the list you are out for good. In order to get banned the following will happen. You do not ship by the deadline and do not PM the receiver as to say "hey sorry I missed the deadline, I forgot/my dog died/family emergency/ect but I will ship out on Tuesday. I will send you the tracking number. Then the receiver PM’s me that they were shorted, I PM the late shipper stating that they have until X day to make arrangements and/or ship. If no shipment is made by X date your banned. I think that is plenty of warning if you ask me.


This will be my first time participating but count me in…sounds like fun!

I’m IN !!!



Not this time. I (shamefully) have nothing to send. been a hectic few months for me. but hopefully the recipients will be kind enough to take the time to post some reviews.

Good luck and cheers

It’s my first time but I’m IN!!!


Ill do the drawing at 3PM, permitted the forum is operating properly after the server update.

I’m in

Ya know what, I’m in!

I would like to be in.

is it too late?

Your in if you wish, let me know.

you bet I’m in

in, please

Beer Pass is now closed.

Check back shortly for the results

Please see the list of senders and receivers below. Please contact both the person you are getting beer from and the person you are sending beer to and get/give addresses.


brewmanchu —> 560sdl
gregscsu —> Paultuttle
Paultuttle —> CobiaTower
thegame310 —> brewmanchu
Lovenbeer —> gregscsu
CobiaTower —> thegame310
JeredJP —> catswilleatyou
pointyskull —> Lovenbeer
560sdl —> JeredJP
catswilleatyou —> pointyskull

Shipped mine today to Lovenbeer… :cheers:

Stupid UPS.

Received this package from Lovenbeer last night.
Each bottle was individually wrapped in packing material and placed in the box. The box was then wrapped in a foam packing blanket, placed in a sealed bag, and then placed into another box filled with more packing material. I dont know how UPS managed to break one of them.

On the bright side I still have two bottles left to try.
Thanks Lovenbeer

[attachment=0]Broken Bottle.jpg[/attachment]

It can not believe they broke one of these bottles after all that packing I went through… :shock:

I guess it sucks even worse since we really can not say anything since we are not suposed to be shipping beer in the first place. I just hope you enjoy the 2 beers that did make it… :cheers: