Oberon Clone: Which Yeast Strain?

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about testing out an Oberon Clone kit from AIH to see if i can get one dialed in in time to brew a batch for a wedding next summer.

What yeast would you suggest? Have any of you tried an Oberon/Blue Moon/Shocktop clone extract or AG and had good results with a particular strain? Thanks.


I’ve heard wyeast 1272 American ale II will get you close. When is the wedding? If Oberon becomes available before you could always harvest dregs from the bottles.

Check out The Yeast Bay’s Midwestern ale yeast. I’d bet that it’s bell’s yeast. 1272 will get you kind of close, but the only way to make it work is with Bells’ strain. I would go with TYB’s isolate, their products are fantastic.