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Oatmeal Stout

Working on my next 2 recipes and wanted to finally make a good stout. My first was heavily hopped with citrusy hops which clashed, and my oatmeal coffee stout had my mash temp get away from leaving it sickly sweet.

This is the 5.5 gal partial mash/partial boil recipe I have so far:

4 lbs ultralight LME (FO)
2 lbs 2-row
1 1/4 lb oatmeal
3/4 lb crystal 90
1/2 lb black roasted
1/2 lb chocolate
1/2 lb carafoam
1/4 lb black patent
1/4 lb soft white wheat berries
1 oz Warrior @ 70 mins

5.6% ABV
50 IBU’s
38 SRM

How much rice hull would you need for this? maybe 3/4 lb?

I was told I didn’t need rice hulls with oatmeal so that gave me a bit more room for mashing, and so I added 1/2 lb 2-row and dropped 1/4 lb of crystal 90 for 1/4 lb more oatmeal.

I always thought it did need rice hulls though.

I’m curious whether or not the high IBU/OG ratio (~.91) is a bit too much though.

Doesn’t look too bad. Not sure what you’re trying to do with the 1/4 lb of unmalted wheat, but other than that, I don’t see any major issues with the recipe.

I suffer from head retention issues for some reason, and it’s not my glassware as I soak these in a large jar of Star-San, scrub with a sponge, rinse, and set in the dishwasher on the dry cycle.

My issues aren’t major, but I see many commercial beers in my glasses hold a strong head for the whole glass, whereas many of mine leave a thin ring of head the entire glass. Some do better, but it’s typically an issue to some degree it seems. But maybe my expectations are a little high.

Regardless I was told that wheat helps with head retention so I combine it with carapils/carafoam. SWMBO bought me a 25 lb bag of them, and if nothing else it doesn’t count against my monthly hobby funding! I often use it to make up a few points if necessary.

Maybe I ought to try a few without it again to see what I get.

I dropped the crystal 90 to 1/2 lb, and the oatmeal to 1 1/4 lbs, and 86’d the carafoam, but added 1 lb of flaked barley. I also dropped the Warrior for 2 oz of Mt Hood giving me 40 IBU’s instead.

What are you trying to get out of the recipe? Do you have something in particular in mind?

You can really boost the flavor of an oatmeal stout by toasting the oats first. It takes a little while to do it right, but it’s worth it.

Initially I was after a coffee oatmeal stout, but then I figure that may be better all by itself, and so I wanted a bit of a roasty stout. I basically looked at a commercial kit and adopted a good portion of it, though I added a little more oatmeal and used flaked barley.

I’ve not toasted grains/oats before, but have read that it does really pop the flavor. How long and at what temp would you do this? Does it need to be moistened first?

I get the idea of using wheat to help with head retention. I’d reach for malted or flaked wheat. Raw wheat is a pain in the ass to mill and no easy task to get to gelatanize/convert. Is that what your 25 lb bag is?

As far as toasting the oats, I spread them out on a cookie sheet at 300-350 and turn every 5 minutes or so. Once the color starts to change (20 mins or so), pull them. I then put them in a brown paper bag for a few days to let mellow.

Thanks for the tip on toasting the oats!

The 25 lb bag is indeed the soft white wheat berries. I’ve used up about 2/3 of them now. She got a very good deal on them through a co-op (Bountiful Baskets). I’ll not do that again.

I do not have a grain mill (I think one is under the tree), and use the Blendtech. Since there’s no hull it isn’t a problem. But I often get a portion of it as nearly powder. In large portions (wheat beers) I have had a very slow sparge.

It just seems like you have an awful lot going on in there. A good oatmeal stout can be really simple - MO for base malt (or extract), crystal 60 or higher, some flaked oats, and a bit of roast barley or chocolate malt, maybe darker chocolate malt for more of the roasty flavor. Toast the oats as Wahoo describes, and I think you’ll be really happy with the results.

Throw in an english ale yeast and some EKG hops - Yum!

Just my $.02.

I was told this on another forum. I’m at a loss for why though as it’s very much like other recipes I see, and is quite similar to commercial kits, which is where I got this from.

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