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Oatmeal Stout?

I have an 11# recipe with 1.5# of flaked oats (~15%) and .5# of flaked barley (~5%) and have been reading about the problem of getting a stuck sparge with excessive oats in your grist and how doing a beta glucans rest can help alleviate that.

I batch sparge in a 10G Rubbermaid cooler; is this something I should worry about? If possible I like to avoid any extra infusions or steps for my mash seeing that it is a bit more work in a cooler than just turning up the flame on a pot.

Any advice would be great seeing that this is my first oatmeal stout. I was thinking of just doing a single step infusion around 152-154*.

Go with the single infusion, you shouldn’t have a problem. My last oatmeal stout used 13% flaked oats and sparged just fine.

You can always add some rice hulls to help in the sparge area.

If you’re batch sparging, which I am a fan of as well, I can’t imagine you’d get a stuck runoff, especially if it’s with the stainless braid supply line.

well I’m just going to go with it tonight and see how it turns out. Thanks for the input. You know how the internet is, you plan something one way, read a ton of stuff about how other people stress out about doing it a different way, which in turn freaks you out leading to you doubting yourself.

If you’re worried, you can do a beta glucan rest (~104°F) for a few minutes. A hot (>175°F) mashout could also help.

But 15% oats may or may not be problematic depending on your lautering setup. There’s really only one way to find out.

Went through with it last night and all the worry for nothing. Everything ran through fine. Just did a single infusion and a normal batch sparge; hit all my temps and collected my predicted amount. Good brew day

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