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Oatmeal Rye IPA?

Trying to figure out this recipe, it’s all in my head, so i’m not sure of the IBUs at the moment, but i like flying by the seat of my pants… could add in some carafaIII to CDA it up a bit

9lbs 2row
3lbs flaked oats
3lbs rye
.5lbs 60L

1oz cascade 60min
1oz cascade 15min
1oz simcoe 15min
2oz simcoe 5min
2oz simcoe DH 5 days
2oz cascade DH 5 days

should i change anything?

Hey Rivenen,

Beer can be anything you want…And your recipe is interesting.

My humble input would be to consider lowering the qty of oats as they add a viscous quality to the beer and, at the percentages you propose, it might be more slickness than you anticipate. Possibly consider cutting them down by a lb or so and substituting some sugar to make up for the lost gravity…this will dry out the final product which I enjoy in IPAs, especially those containing rye.

If you want the smooth malty backbone still consider reducing the oats and substitute some Munich or another bready-biscuity grain…that may give you the smooth, cereal character of the oats without contributing to much silkiness…or sticking the mash.

Your hop bill is nice and I like your use of simcoe late in the boil. Simcoe has really nice mango,tropical fruit aroma and a mellow flavor…I love late additions and dry hopping with it.

Hope my input helps…

This is just my personal preference, but I’d swap your Simoce and Cascade additions. But again, that’s just what I like. Not saying the beer will be bad. Now that I’m typing this, I’d actually like to try that beer.

Not sure exactly what you’re going for but the mouthfeel on this beer may be akin to motor oil. Rye adds quite a bit of mouthfeel and combined with all those oats I’m thinking it will be too much for an IPA. I like my IPA’s dry and quenching, this would be too heavy for me.

A creamy stout on the other hand might turn out great with a grain bill like this.

Just my $0.02

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