Oatmeal cookie brown BIAB temp question

I’m going to be doing the oatmeal cookie brown BIAB and its my first all grain kit.
Part of the instructions you have to get the grains to 154 degrees, then take out grains and let sit 75 mins. I’m using an electric cooktop stove that is a bit flackey as far as a constant temperature. Won’t the temperature of the kettle just plumet during the 75 minutes that’s in my boil kettle? Shouldn’t it be at a constant temperature for that time period? Isn’t that why they have all of those insulated thermous buckets to use for all grain? To keep at constant temp? I was contemplated adding an electric heating element to my boil kettle so I can regulate the temperature easier than the stove top.


Watch the BTV episode - Jake’s got a brand new bag. You have to goose the temp a little bit during the mash. Stir the mash as you heat on low so that you do not overshoot your temp.

http://www.northernbrewer.com/connect/e ... nd-new-bag

I biab in the kettle regularly, the temps will likely only drop a small amount which you can counteract by turning on the burner briefly.
Also the mash period is 75 minutes at that temp, you will want the grains / bag in the entire time

We brewed outdoors the other day in near freezing temps. I started our sparge water too early and shut down the burner. The water temp was at 150 when I turned off the burner. A half hour later, the kettle had lost maybe a degree or two.

Last time I did a BIAB, I think I had to turn on the burner for a couple of minutes in the middle of the mash.

I wrap my kettle in a thick pad for a mattress to help insulate during the mash. Very rarely lose more than a degree or two - unless I mess with it a bunch.

Some people use old coats, sweatshirts, sleeping bags, etc…

[quote=“micahkoll”]Some people use old coats, sweatshirts, sleeping bags, etc…[/quote]Pants work quite well, you don’t need them for brewing anyway! :wink: