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Oar for mash paddle concerns

should i sand off the gloss/varnish?

Is it food grade? Most likely the answer is no. So yes, sand it good and clean.

Better yet, buy a mash paddle or make one. An oar is probably worth more as an oar, than a mash paddle.

I’d also question the wood. Oars are generally laminated, so the glue might be an issue.

I see. darn. I just got a new brewing job and there were 2 oars in the mash room. I suppose my concerns were legitimate.

I’ll use the small stainless paddle instead.

Side note, where’s your new job? I guess you left WalkingMan.

Rogue offered me a head brewer position at Track Town in Eugene. Walkingman was great, but head brewer looks much better on my resume than assistant brewer, not to mention the $$.

Nice, I work in Springfield, might have to travel west to try some beer. :cheers:

you’re welcome any time! none of my beer will be on tap for a few weeks though. the track town that you see on tap, and in bottles has been made at newport in the absence of a Track Town brewer.

Pm me if you ever plan on stopping by. Soon i’ll be pumping out my own recipe’s

Unfortunately I wont be able to provide free beer, haha. Rogue won’t let me.

I would if I could!

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