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Oakton pH meter

Check out this Oakton 300 meter. The meter reads pH, conductivity, and TDS with 0.01 accuracy and 5 point calibration. This one also features the optional DO kit. A whole lot more to this meter than the Hanna 98127 I use for brewing. :lol:

And it comes at what price ?

I would wager you will spend more money in replacement probes over the years than the unit cost originally.

Actually, it came up for sale at an auction and I think noone really knew just how much it was really worth. I placed a low ball bid and was amazed that noone else even bid on it. I am planning on selling it and pocketing the profits. Plus, it came with 10packets each of electrode cleaning solution, storage solution, 4.01, 7.01, and 10.00. I will be hanging on to half of that as well.
It looks like a fun toy, but think I’ll stick with my Hanna 98127.

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