I’m trying my first oak addition beer. I soaked some cubes In “Root” alcohol, its a kind of root beer based beverage @ 80 proof. I plan on adding this to the secondary. My base wort had an og of 1052. Any comments, questions welcome.

what style of beer?

Also, what kind of oak? Cubes, chips, spirals?

Depending on what you use will determine how long you age it on the oak. Chips take the LEAST amount of time to add oak flavor. Cubes and spirals add longer as the surface area isn’t as great.

American medium toast in the following recipe: 8lbs Marris Otter, 2lbs carapils, 1lb melanoiden, 12oz special b. 1oz citra - first wort, 1/2oz citra - 30min, 1 1/2 kent - 5min. 1056 yeast.

This is actually a split batch, so I’m using only about 3 gals of wort for this one. The other half is getting smoked serano chili, which I have made before and is delicious!