Oak Bourbon Stout

I have an Oak Bourbon Stout that has been in secondary for 2 months (1 month in pri) and am getting ready to bottle. I’m assuming I need to add some yeast to my bottling bucket to get the beers to carb. The question is, how much yeast to use?

I’ve used about 1/4 packet of US-05 in the past, rehydrated in water. It doesn’t take much yeast to carbonate a bottle. In fact, there should still be plenty of yeast in suspension after 2 months of secondary. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’ve been aging it several months. But 1/4- 1/2 packet dry yeast is cheap insurance if you are concerned about it.

That’s sort of the way I was thinking. Thanks

I have had trouble with carbing my big beers. I started using Danstar CBC-1 and solved the problem. Pitch rate is on the package. HIGHLY recommended.