O ring maintenance

I did a search of the forum, but I didn’t find an answer posted as to how often the O-rings need to be replaced. It seems like cheap insurance to replace all the rings on an annual basis, but I only have 4 kegs. What do the more experienced keggers do?

I inspect mine every time I clean and refill and replace them when they show signs of wear or damage. Probably every couple years. It helps to lightly lube them with Petro lube when you feel too much resistance to connect a gas or beer QD.

The original equipment o-rings, if properly maintained and lubricated, will last a long time. I’ve got some that are approaching 20 years old.

My dip tube o-rings always seem to be toast after each use. All the other o-rings seem to last quite a while though. Does anyone else’s dip tube o-ring end up toast everytime?

Never had an issue with a dip tube o-ring.

Mine seem to last forever so far. Here is a link to a bunch of cheap pricing on them if you are looking for new ones. Prices are off a little bit now though. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=84210

I replace mine when they show signs of damage and every 2-3 years whether they need it or not.

To follow up on the linked thread by Baratone Brewer, I own both pin and ball lock kegs. Also standard oval and rack track lids. I use the same o-rings on all the kegs with no issues.

I should have clarified this a little bit. I have an orphaned ball lock keg (It’s a Firestone keg) and the plastic gas in tube’s flange is distorted and I need to replace the tube and the o-ring. I was just wondering if that was something people did on a regular basis.

Fastenal at least the one close to me carries those orings in stock cheap but I had them order the lid orings.