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Nuts in my mash, what should I do?

I just accidentally dropped some ground-up walnuts into my mash. I’m about 80% sure I haven’t just ruined the whole thing, but I’m curious about what kind of effect it’ll have on my beer. Has anybody here ever used nuts in homebrew?

RDWHAHB. If you’re talking just a handful, you won’t notice a thing. Pounds? You’ll get some walnut flavor imparted I would guess. Could be good…unless its a light lager or wheat beer.

About a cup’s worth, and I’m getting teased by family because that was supposed to go into a salad I’m making. And good to know.

best thread title ever!

Cover you mash tun to conserve heat. :wink:

The picture that flashed through my small, tacky mind when I saw this thread is too hilarious for words! Thanks for the laugh.

That’s what she said.

In this particular case, I think the recommended mash temp is 98.6*F

For sure! My immaturity led me to:

“Probably be best to wear an athletic supporter in the future, while brewing, to avoid these issues.”

OUCH!! :lol:

I was thinking, don’t brew nekked.

But now it has me thinking about chopping up nuts and putting them in the mash or boil. Got my curiousity up. Anybody ever tried it (on purpose)?

Anyone know where to get a jock made out of cheesecloth? :wink:

So, this is probably way too paranoid, but I have a daughter who is allergic to all tree nuts, as well as other shit. If you share your beer with others, you might be overly cautious and let them know that there is a tiny bit of walnut in it, just in case they have some freaky get-rushed-to-hospital allergy to nuts.

LOL, I fortunately don’t have that problem. Though that is obvious in hindsight. :oops:

And, Oblivious, that’s not paranoid at all. I have a friend who can’t have nuts AT all.

Damn you’re ambitious!! Brewing a batch & making dinner simultaneously? Somebody’s got it way too good!!! :slight_smile:

You’re right; I must have gotten a little distracted from trying to multitask. That and I don’t have nearly enough space in my kitchen.

ok. I promise. Last immature response (for a while at least.)

There are some things that just should never be mashed.
I think I just found my tag line.

Thanks MoonshineJane for a great thread

I did get a laugh from some of the responses. BTW, things seem to going fine now that I’ve gotten everything away from the walnuts (and other kinds of nuts). Nothing looks funky so far.

now That’s what she said


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