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Nutrient question, first project

Hey guys, I just had a quick question about yeast nutrients. After I mixed the must I added the nutrient before I pitched my yeast, lalvin 71B-1122. Following the directions I added one TSP per gallon. The nutrient I used is a mixture of diammonium phosphate and food-grade urea. It is now day two and I have a nice foam going, no bubbles yet, but I am wondering if I should add even more nutrient, just to ensure a strong fermentation? This is my first brewing project.

I’ll include my notes and process thus far incase anyone needs to see it.

Mead batch #1 Semi-sweet 2/23/2012


18 Lbs Berkley & Jensen Clover Honey
2 packets of lalvin 71B-1122 wine yeast
Tap water


2 fermentation buckets
Long plastic spoon
Hydrometer (beer quality need a larger scale upgrade)
Racking cane
5 feet of plastic tubing

Mixing process:

Used non-heat method for mixing must.
1.5 gallons of water then mixed in honey, which was pre-warmed in hot water. Hydrated two packets of yeast for approx 15 to 20 minutes.
Aerated like crazy with a long spoon.
Mixed in five tsp of yeast nutrient
Aerated some more
Mixed in yeast and gently stirred.


OG: Greater than 1.110
Target: Approx 1.015
Fermentation temp approx 73 degrees.

Day one: No noticeable activity, slight yeasty scent. Aerated once in the morning then resealed. Some of the water in the airlock was suctioned down into the bucket while resealing the lid.

Day two: Nice foam forming, water in airlock pushed to one side but no large bubbles yet, amazing yeasty scent. Aerated in the early afternoon then resealed, put new water in airlock to prevent the water being suctioned into the bucket while resealing.

Hey, you will be fine as is. I really under added yeast energizer and nutrients on my first batch and it took a long time to finish, but turned out fine (after many months).

Here is the standard amount I use for 5 gallon batches of meads, cysers, and ciders:

2 ½ tsp. of Fermaid-K (yeast energizer) and 5 tsp. DAP diammonium phosphate (yeast nutrient).

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