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Nut brown recipe?

Hey all. Happy New year. I have been trying to put together a nut brown ale more in the English mode and wanted to see if anyone has a recipe they could share. I have tasted several good brews in brew pubs and but can’t seem to find a commercial one I like.

I’m going for nutty and smooth with less pronounced happiness. I’ve made some good brown ales and porters but nothing that brings the nuttiness or biscuit flavor forward like I’m after.

Thanks and cheers.

You shouldn’t have to forgo happiness in your brew


I would go to my local HBS and taste the various caramel/crystal and roasted malts until you identify what you want. Bring some water for some pallet cleansing

If you like Newcastle just do search for Newcastle clone. Lot’s of them out there. Kent Goldings hops and some kind of English ale yeast.

6 gallons…
5 of 2 row
5 of marries otter
4 oz chocolate malt
1/3 cup brown sugar
This is where my New castle faux is at… And as HD says… EKG hops for “happiness”!
I say 6 gallons because of hop trub and yeast… so you should have 5 gallons to drink… 1.047. Sneezles61

I do a brown ale with 5 different hops and I added 2 row to it. Nice flavor and good enjoyable to drink. I followed a hops chart to help match up.

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