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Nut Brown Question

My son and I are going to brew the Nut Brown AG kit from NB this Saturday. We’re planning on chopping up some almonds and pecans and putting them in the mash. Should I be concerned about the nut oils? Should I keep it to a limited amount? Thanks

Maybe a bit concerned about the oil, but the main problem is that if you put them in the mash you’ll never know they’re there. You will get virtually no flavor from them, and what you get will be blown out in the boil and ferment.

OK, thanks Denny. What would you recommend?

OK, thanks Denny. What would you recommend?[/quote]

Besides skipping it entirely? I’d use a nut extract.

I thought about using almond extract. I think I’ll skip it entirely. This time, anyway

I just don’t know of a way to use nuts that’s effective and non detrimental.

I had a few brew buddies that would throw them into the boil for the last 10 minutes or so. What we determined is if you boil them too long all you do is blanch them and get no flavor but if you don’t give them enough time to boil all you get is salt and oils.

Extracts during secondary or when you bottle/keg is a decent option but the amount is rather trial/error and experimentation.

Easy…pour 4 2 oz. samples of the beer. Dose each with a different, measured amount of extract. Taste and pick the one you like best. Scale that amount of extract up to the batch size.

That’s worth a try

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