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Nut Brown Ale

Hey guys,

I just bought this kit. Admittedly, nut browns have never been my favorite. With that said, I’m excited to brew this and try something new. I read the reviews and people have mentioned the addition of light DME, brown sugar, and molasses to the boil as well as coffee with the primer. Does anyone have any recommendations or tips as to what I should try or other modifications to this recipe?


Look at NBs’ Caribou Slobber recipe for some ideas.

Just stick to the kit. It’s going for something similar to Newcastle. If you start adding extra fermentables, it’s no longer an english brown. It’s more of a strong american ale at that point and a mix of flavors rather than something precise.

+1 on sticking with the kit after that you can play around with it the next time.

I have this same kit and have asked for the same advice. I haven’t had a single person mention adding anything to this one so I’ll just roll with the kit I have at this point. From what I’ve read, it produces a nice beer.

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