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Nut Brown Ale Fermentation Time

I just brewed my first batch of Nut Brown Ale and the fermentation started out great. The yeast cap and foam were about 3 inches thick for the first 3 days and bubbling was steady through the air lock. This morning, the foam cap is gone and a couple bubbles every minute through the air lock is all I get. Should this have happened or is something amiss here?

OG: 1.044
Current: 1.010
Temperature: 68F

Thanks in advance!

Seems all is well as your FG appears to be within range. This is normal for a relatively low OG beer. Just means you had good yeast. One thing I would watch is at what temp you ferment at. Fermenting beer can easily raise 5* so if you are fermenting at 68* ambient your beer is much more likely at 73* or even higher. This could also explain the quick fermentation. Too high of a fermenting temp will reslt in fusel alcohol.

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