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Nut Brown Ale extract recipe changes

I took the original nut brown ale extract recipe and added a few things and wonder how it’ll turn out. It smelled excellent and had a great color to it. Now it’s in the bucket fermenter and started up after 8 hours.

Specialty grains steeped for 30 mins at 156 degrees in 1 gallon of water
Added grain tea to full boil with 5 gallons water
6 lbs gold lme at 60 mins.
1 oz fuggle pellets at 60 mins.
1 lb. light brown sugar 60 mins.
12 oz. unsulphured molasses (Grandma’s) 15 mins.
1 oz. fuggle pellets 15 mins.
1 Whirflock tab 15 mins.
3/4 light brown sugar 8 mins.

Cooled wort to 68 degrees and pitched decanted yeast starter of same temp after couple mins. aeration.
All else said and done and gravity was 1.068.

Wonder what to expect . . .

Looks tasty. One suggestion and this is purely because I had Kona’s Koko nut brown the other night. That’s a nice drinking beer. Maybe add some roasted coconut as a late addition for some aroma?

Well I do have about 3/4 of a package of coconut flakes but it would have to be popped in the primary at this point. Hmmmm sounds tasty; maybe I’ll rack some into a secondary with the toasted coconut?

Took a reading just a bit ago and hit 1.011. Nice but the beer tastes way too green after 2 weeks. Great mouthfeel and a lil alcohol bite!

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