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Nut Brown Ale Extract Kit w/Specialty Grains

I purchased the Nut Brown Ale Extract Kit with Speciality Grains back in late February. I have been unable to brew this kit do to time restrictions but plan on getting this made here in the next few weeks. First and foremost, does anyone feel as though I should replace the hops and yeast as they’ve sat for at least 4+ months at room temp? Secondly, does anyone have an experience with this kit that they could offer any additional modifications that might enhance it?

I appreciate any help!

Brewed this last November its a great kit and I would brew as is, got a great response over the holidays. Now for the yeast and hops at room temp for that long your might want to replace just to be on the safe side and wouldn’t be to expensive being only one ounce of hops and one pack of yeast. If you have the liquid yeast it should have a date on it and dry yeast should be ok at room temp. I would also taste the grain to make sure it isn’t stale.

It is dry yeast so I’ll check the date. It’s nice to hear this was good as is. This will be my first Brown Ale so I didn’t know if it’s lacking in a certain area.

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