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Nugget Nectar Clone in BYO

Has anyone out there tried the recipe for Nugget Nectar printed in the October BYO? I’ve been meaning to clone this one for some time. I’m going to be attempting it this weekend (and hopefully comparing to the real thing in a month or so).

Welp, I turned out about 11 gallons at 1.075. It feels good to be brewin again!

IIRC the recipe is wrong and they published a correction in the next issue. :oops:

Yeah it was, the editor wrote in the correct recipe from homebrewtalk and I used that. Smellin pretttttty good! I should be comparing it with the real thing in about a month.

Well Nugget Nectar is my fave beer so please tell me this is an extract recipe or if someone can convert it for me to extract.

BYO lists both. The all grain option was messed up in the original issue. You can find it here:

My favorite brew. :cheers:

I did a clone recipe of this, not sure where I got it, but it came out close.

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