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NTC Sensor 12in Probe

Need help finding best configuration for a blow off hose (3/8 siphon hose) and temp probe to fit into carboy. Not sure how far it will go into the wort without the cable inserted slightly. Any suggestions?

I’m a little confused. Do you want the temperature probe or the blow off tube into the beer?

Installing a blow off tube into the beer will blow off beer not the rising krausen. I insulate the temperature probe to the outside of the carboy. Just a lot simpler than a thermowell.

I wonder if the orange carboy cap, with the 2 spouts on it would work… One for the hose, the other you could stuff the probe into. Keep pushing it in till its in your brew… Sneezles61
PS, standard carboy cap in carboy accessories… 5.99

The probe is just under 1/4" so I’m not sure if the carboy cap hole would be a tight fit. I might have one somewhere. I think I found a 2 hole #6.5 stopper that will work with a 3/8" and 1/4" hole. Again not sure how tight the fitment will be.

You could “chink it” with paper towel… But then, once the fermentation takes off, the off gassing will be escaping around there too… Sneezles61

Sorry for delayed reply - I’ve been traveling. A picture is worth …
Temp probe is 12" and reaches the beer just fine. Carboys are 6.5 gallon.

There ya go! You could also put a little keg lube to seal that thermometer port if you were worried.

For the glass carboy, I drilled a hole in the side of the large blowoff tube, slightly smaller than the probe. The cable tie pulls the probe up straight so it sits in the middle of the beer. For the big month bubbler, I drilled a similar hole in the stopper. Both are tight fits with no leaking. When the parts are wet with sanitizer, the probe slides in without too much force.

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