Nottingham for a Premium Bitter?

One of my favorite examples of this style is Conniston Bluebird Bitter. I will google a clone of this beer prior to brewing, but was wondering if I could use some top-cropped Notty I have with a starter.

My main fear is that it will be too dry, as I know ol’ Notty is a monster. I’m looking for really solid upfront malt with some prune/plum esters, but a smooth bitter finish.

I haven’t had Conniston’s Bitter, but I’m not sure that Notty will get you what you want. The last couple of times I’ve used Nottingham, I did notice that it had a little bit of tartness. And as you said, It attenuates like a beast. So, if you do decide to use it, I would recommend that you use a very high mash temp.