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Not really spicy taste

So few weeks ago did make a spiced beer. Nice fg 1.010. After carbonation time to taste pour a pint it supose to have a spiced pepper taste. Ajo peppers. I did not taste the spiced flav. They way i did add the peppers. After soaking in vodka for ten days. Time to add to secondary fermentation. And let it sit for six weeks. Nothing wrong for the rest with the beer. Even my wife she is not really a beer drinker. She likes the beer

Spice beers can be tough. It’s easy to over do it and just as easy to under spice. Adding to secondary a little at a time is a good way to dial it in.

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Think that could be the issue not enough. Spices. There is a small aftertaste.

Guess the magic of beer. Did taste last friday. The beer not lots of spice taste. Yesterday did have one and for sure more spice taste. Kind of weird but me happy. So i just let it sit in the keg. And it gave me more flav

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