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Not happy with siphon

I just bottled my first one-gallon batch… have bottled a number of times with 5-gal batches using a bottling bucket which works great… I was not at all impressed with the siphon wand that comes with the one-gallon kit. Never got a real flow going… had to basically pump the beer into the bottles. I had my wife helping, basically there would be no way to bottle beer using this thing unless you have two people. Still had a good time and my American Wheat tasted good when I tasted a bit left over from the bottling… still good times, just don’t really think the siphon works very well.

As long as you keep the discharge end below the level of the intake liquid, the only way for a siphon to not work is if there is a hole in it that lets air in. If that’s the case, it is defective and you should return it.

Is there a link to the type of siphon they sell with the one gallon kits?

Why bother siphoning when it’s just a gallon? I would dry-prime the bottles and then gently pour to fill.

That is a great idea to just gently pour into the bottles… maybe with a small funnel. I only got 7 bottles out of my gallon batch so it would be very easy to do.

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