Not happy with color

so did keg two beers last week carbonation all done did pour my self a beer last night
one of the irish red ale other one a imperial ipa ok taste good carbonation good but color kind of dark . think to dark it came out .
so now i think gonna change my brew plan will add the dme and the last 15 min the lme
see if this makes a difference at all.

they way i brew now when its time to add the dme and lme i do dme and half the lme 15 men before end of boil.
but what now if i do complete lme 15 min before the end . this might help or not color wise???

I had read that optimum hop utilization for the 60 minute bittering hops is best in a wort that is about 1.040. Very roughly this is adding one pound of fermentables per gallon of water at the beginning of a 60 minute boil. I add the DME first. DME changes color less than LME due to the effects of the Maillard Reaction. Adding all or most of the LME with 15 minutes left in the boil will produce a lighter colored beer. Technique is called “late extract addition”.

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There was a good series of articles at Menu In Progress back in 2007 that show the effects of using late malt additions.

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