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Not happy acid flav

Did transfer this morning my death ringer. To secondary did dry hop. Took a sample. Grav real nice. Sample taste. Acid taste. Not extreme nasty. But. Not what it should be. What could it be. Flaw in sanatizing. Ferment temp. Remember do live on tropical island. Me have no other thought. Help me with some idea. Normally do use kveik. This time. Dry ale yeast. Did use swamp cooler. Is it to be saved. Or. Just. Toss it. Me let it stand. 6 weeks. Than. Taste again. Can call it a sour beer. Damm me not happy. First time

Could be brett. I’ve had a few strains get a bit acidic on me, which isn’t a great combination with bitter. But the acid profile changed over time, and it ended up being a pretty interesting beer. I’d give it some time, since the gravity might drop on you more and more. But don’t toss it yet - it might not be what you wanted, but could end up being pretty decent.

Wouldn’t Bret have had to be in his system already or can it just appear

Sour or acidic flavor could be a sign of a bacteria infection. That would be my first assumption. Dont toss the cooler it can be saved. Heat water to 180 degrees and splash it all around in the cooler and sanitize it and sanitize it again. Then take the your parts off the cooler and clean them realy well. If you got a metal valve on the cooler you can boil it and parts in hot water. Then repeat santizing those parts. As for the hose and racking cane buy new

I’m assuming his dead ringer is about 60 ibu… would take one heckuva bacteria to sour that.

Wild yeast and bacteria is every where. Its in the air on grain.

Thats my last resort. Let it just ride. And after 6 weeks. Taste again

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You don’t do water treatment do you? Sneezles61

Not happy at all today. Ibu 60. So indeed. Takes a while to create a sour. But got nothing to loose at this moment. Me think all to do with slacking on sanatizing. Did clean the. Bigmouth. With hotwater. Rinse again. And hot water again. Clean with dpw powder. Hope i did clean enough. On brew day hot water rinse.

No. Could be. The flowers are blooming. So during transfer to. Primary. Did catch some wild yeast. Maybe. The water. Report i have. No need to add chem to the water.

I’ll jump on the infected band wagon with the others then… Your dry ale yeast is intended for cooler temps… So as you’re saying, plants are in bloom, they contributed to your new wort… so call it a collaboration ferment! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

Yeah but temptation and extra days of. Drove me to brewing. Should had waited for my kviek to arive on island. Next brew its 22 of sep. My buddy on island with kviek supply

Acetobacter bacteria creates a sour acidic flavor and is tolerant of hops but it needs oxygen. Primary fermentation and the production carbon dioxide it wouldnt be able to grow but dry hoping could of gave it a chance take hold

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That i did not think of. Did clean and wash my fermentor. Replace. The. Hoses with new ones. Get rid of everything that came in contact with the brew

How long was it in the primary? What’s the yeast and what was the fermentation temperature?

Just seems to me you’re being very judgmental of a very young beer. Especially if it’s a yeast strain you’ve never used before.

I did you danstar ale yeast. Indeed for the first time. Did rehydrate. 2 packs of dryyeast. Had it in the primary for 10days. At a temp of 68 to70. Did use a swampcooler. I know the temp here on island. Kills me. Could not get it colder

Danstar makes lots of ale yeasts. Which one? Notty? Windsor ale? West Coast ale? 70 could have been high for an ale yeast. Depends on the strain.

How does it smell and look? Ten days is pretty yound for some beers.

OK I kind of skipped over this before. So you don’t use a sanitizer like starsan? You just rinse your fermenter in hot water?

Westcoast ale yeast. Did not smell the acid. Smell was good. Only the taste. Did transfer to secondary took after that the grav reading and taste sample.

Yeah I’d set it aside and let it mature. Many a beer I’ve made just needed to mellow.

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