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Not enough water

My IPA is about 4 days into fermentation and while I was looking at it today I noticed it was looking a little short. Possibly the boil off… or me just being dumb, but either way it’s short about a full gallon. Is it safe to boil a gallon, cool it, and add it?

Don’t risk it or bother,next time just account for the boil off. If anything you just have an little more alcoholic IPA. What you can do is next time make a volume stick out of a wood dowel with notches cut in to tell you how many gallons you have in your kettle.
So fill your kettle with 5 gallons stick the dowel in the kettle and make a notch at the water level. So next time if your boil is under that notch 15 mins to end of boil add more water wait for it to boil then continue the last 15 minutes.

Yes its OK to add water during or after the ferment.

But, like the comment above, it seems really risky. Are their ways to decrease the risk? I’m thinking boil the water, cool it, siphon it in.

But, like the comment above, it seems really risky. Are their ways to decrease the risk? I’m thinking boil the water, cool it, siphon it in.[/quote]
Don’t really see adding water as that risky, as long as the water is clean there isn’t much to worry about. I’ve added water, after ferment a few times, either in the bottling bucket or in the keg.

There isnt much risk in adding top off water. Boil 15 minutes, cool, add to fermenter.

Boiling drives the gas out of water, so a quick cool and adding it promptly will negate any oxidation issues. Whether you want to do it, depends on whether you’re happy with the OG as it is. Being short a gallon makes a big difference in concentration. Personally I like styles on the lower end of their respective ABV ranges, but I’m probably in the minority on that one.

You don’t like getting verschnickerred every time you drink a beer!? It’s really not that crazy. Once I started understanding how to control abv I’ve enjoyed my less potent batches more.

You are not alone. :cheers: I’ve had to add water for that reason, was figuring out new kettle and burner I boiled off a bit too much a few times and didn’t want an extra strength version of what I was shooting for when it is easily corrected.

It’s probably “safe” to add water, but also probably ill advised. If your target original gravity was on the mark than you’ll be throwing it off big time. I’m also not sure what impact this could have during active fermentation, but I’ve never read anyting that suggested it as a tactic to improve a beer. My advice would be to accept the lower volume, and learn from the miss by accounting for kettle and sytem losses (hoses, syphons, etc.) in the future. A tasty 4 gallon batch is way better than a watered down 5 gallon batch, wouldn’t you agree?

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