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Not enough carbonation

So I’ve had an IPA conditioning in bottles for almost 2 weeks(12 days) and it still doesn’t seem to have enough carbonation. I know I used enough priming sugar. It just seems like the sediment a the bottom is alot less than all my other batches.

My question is: why? Was there not enough remaining yeast cells after I had it aging in the secondary? It tastes great. Just not quite the head I was going for.

Thanks, and cheers!

What temp did you carb at? What is the ABV? Bottle conditioning temps should be 70 or 75 in my own experience. Also, I have had higher ABV beers take longer to carb. Try placing the bottles you have in a warmer place and gently shake or invert them 1 or 2 times a day to get that sediment stirred up then try one again in 7-10 days.

I think I’ll try that. They’re in a cabinet in the garage. A fairly constant 60 so I’ll bring a box in the house, stir em up a bit.

Yep, put them in a warmer place and you should be fine.

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