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Not brew related at all

I just thought I would announce my triumphant return to home brewing! A three year hiatus, and much swill has me wanting to get back to my roots! So this post is pretty much irrelevant, but I thought I would do it for the hell of it. I wonder if that grammar cop Nykvat is still here or is it that? Lots of keyboard cowboys nowadays! Anyway cheers to my friends, and lets get brewing again, I’m sure the grammar police will correct my sentences probably that tough guy from Virginia!

Screw the damn grammar police! This forum is about making beer! Welcome back, what is your first planned brew.

My grammer didn’t like beer, but gramper did.
Welcome back.

HA HA Thanks guys, I placed a big order with NB but unfortunately only part of it has arrived. First batch will be an American Wheat extract, after that I’ll be back to all grain brewing. I’ll probably do their Kölsch, that’s my favorite beer.

Welcome Back, I know what your saying. I just recently started brewing again after a layoff, mine was from my wife and I recovering from cancer. I also know what you mean about the swill, and the price they want for the crap now days. I have 4 of my 5 favorite beers kegged right now and getting ready to brew the 5th one to celebrate my 5th year of being cancer free.

Welcome Back & Good Luck

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