Not beer related. space related! ... c7f548a136

contest for a free ride into space
im totally winning that ticket.

and no, im not a bot and thats not spam.
its really a safe link
at least i hope its a safe link because i subscribed for a chance to win a free ride into space

Pretty weak…DAVE.
I am not your buddy nor friend and do not wish to be duped into helping your status in a contest, social network etc… I appreciate the fact that you brought this contest to my attention now and I was able to enter after KLM used me to boost your chances of winning and whatever else was collected from me for marketing etc… This is not a good way to win anything in life Sir. At least make your intentions known and do not “USE” others in this manner especially in a peer forum like brewing where we all are here to help others and learn. This forum and its members should never be used in this manner especially by another peer.
Bad form my man.

This is the “game” I am referring to DAVE: “After making their predictions participants can increase their chances by asking friends to endorse them, resulting in a bigger place” So any NB peers please ignore his link above and search KLM space contest for yourself if you wish to participate so you are not also duped as I was.

i know. i felt rather bad doing it but its for a ticket into space!
i put it in the general forum and clearly labeled it non beer related

It’s O K…I feel bad about it too… :slight_smile: