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Not a question; just happy about my beers

I’m experiencing something of a homebrewing renaissance in my home as of late.

After the NHC I was given a full-size fridge, and so I’ve finally transitioned from picnic taps to four perlick SS taps. My beer is foamy while I learn to balance the system, but i’m convinced it tastes better than ever.

I had some beers in secondary while I waited for a few whisky barrels to become available. I gave up on the distillery after a few months and just soaked some oak beans in whisky, then added them to the carboys. After a week, and 12 oz whisky each to my oatmeal stout and my premium american pilsner, they taste amazing.

I’ve also added valves to my kettle and HLT, quick connects to everything, and added a march pump to my system. I haven’t been this excited to brew since I switched to all-grain.

Happy Brewing!

I’m with you. I took a year off to build a 3 tier AG system, and built/bought what I needed to keg.
Getting used to my system, temp control, and consistent recipes have made some great beers.

Another boost is helping a new brewer with concerns. Patience is indeed a virtue, he kicked his first keg two days after kegging.
I enjoy going to work and talking about current and upcoming brews with him.

Drinking a kickass wit right now. :cheers:

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