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Northy quad

Brewed the extract of the quad 12/18/16 and checked it on 1/2 @ 1.016. Checked again 1/7 and still at 1.016. Man this thing tastes delicious every time I sample it. Crashing it now and will secondary for a month or two before I bottle. How long do you guys age this? I can’t see it staying around too long once it’s bottled. At 9.6% and not even a month old it’s boozy but pretty damn good

Never brewed this but you may have already answered your question. Drink a couple per week, after your month and bottle conditioning. Once it reaches the “it factor” drink the shit outta it. Be prepared for it to get better as time goes on.

I brewed the Wee Heavy extract kit and let it age for 4 months. More time the better IMO. Just put it somewhere you don’t see it often!

I was planning on aging it for at least 8 months but after drinking my hydro samples I dunno. Flat and all its pretty tasty. Good thing I have 5 or 6 other batches ready to drink. I’ve really been enjoying these Belgians lately tho

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Belgians are good. Having other beers ready to drink helps distract me from the new beers that need to age.

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