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Northwest brewerys

Hi, I was just wondering what everybody thought about brews they’ve had out of the northwestern states? I being from Washington State thinks theres alot of great stuff being brewed up here. What do you all think? Reason being ive never really got to have any brews from other regions of the country.

Northwest beers/breweries are my favorite. Being from the portland area I’m very proud of the beers up here. I’ve had beers from many states and countries, and when i’m away from home I miss the variety and quality from the NW

I view the Pacific NW as a craft beer mecca. My wife and I have been talking about taking a trip to Seattle or Portland. She doesn’t like beer, but she gets my not-so-ulterior motive.

Some buddies and I have also been talking about making a craft beer pilgrimage to Michigan.

I am from Michigan and can attest to it being a great area for craft brew. I’ve never been to the NW but I have heard a lot of good things from friends who have gone to Washington, Oregon and N. California area.

I put Michigan beers, and other breweries in the Great Lakes region ahead of national or international brands even before I was into beer so to speak.

We have multiple beer festivals in every season. My favorite is the Michigan Brewer’s Guild Summer Beer Fest.

545 different beers at last years event from 60 different craft breweries.

Every year there is lots of great beer, good music, delicious food and tons of people from Michigan as well as people I see every year from around the country.

There is even an anniversary ale made by many of the best Michigan breweries working together and it’s made using only Michigan grown wheat and hops.

Agreed, and I think it may be a matter of freshness. Once when the wife and I were doing a tour of the brewery the tour guide grapped some bottles of 1554 from the bottling line. According to the code on the bottle he said it had only been in the bottle for 20 minutes. It tasted fantastic. The same as on tap.

I don’t feel beer always travels well, I bet the west coast labels taste better on the west coast. I don’t need much of an excuse to get out there, I need to get it done.

We do all right here in Vermont too. I am a fan of what I can get fresh.

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