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Northern English Brown Ale

I was planning on brewing a NE Brown Ale this weekend and have not done one in years and thought I may be able to tweak my old recipe with a little help from you all.

My grain bill is as followed (5 gallon recipe)

9.75 lbs British Pale Ale malt
0.75 lbs Special Roast 50L
0.50 lbs Victory 28L
0.50 lbs Crystal 40L
0.25 Pale Chocolate 200L
0.25 Melanoidin

Kent Golding for the hops (1.5 oz at the boil and 0.5 oz aroma)

Wyeast London Ale 1028 (ferment at 62 for three weeks).

My main concern is the Melanoidin. By looking at my notes I did not add this last time, but I figured a small addition may round out the body. Should I skip this addition to the mash, or by experience have you all found it to be beneficial to the brew?

Next, the last time I used London Ale 1028, I femented closer to 70 degrees and my notes stated that it was very fruity. Would you all recommend fementing at the lower end of the yeast’s tolerance? Say 60-62 degree and take the fermentation out a littler longer? Say three weeks?

Thank you for any and all input.

My personal preference is that melanoidin/munich/vienna (which are all pretty similar IIRC) is not only preferable for this style, but outright NECESSARY! I might even bump it to 1/2-3/4#.

With respect to fermentation temp, I would say pitch at 66 hold for 4 days, ramp to 70 with that yeast. You will get plenty of subtle character that will work in connection with, instead of overwhelming the robust malt character.

Thank you Pietro. :cheers:

Looks like Jamil’s recipe with a 1/4 pound of melanoidin added

I believe that is where I got it. I recall when I first started doing all grain brewing I purchased a clone book. I recall tweaking a little here and a little there, but to be safe I’d say it was his recipe.

I did ramp up the melanoidin to 3/4 of a pound and substituted the British Pale for Crisp Maris Otter (I guess not too much of a difference other than the specificity of the strain).

Anyhow, I think my original concern was adding melanoidin, to a UK Brown and if it would sweeten it too much.

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